kashmiri activists says imran is taliban khan pakistan misleading world on terrorism


This person from PoK told Imran Taliban Khan, said-Pakistan is fooling the world.

Recently, the first voice against Pakistan’s new Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has arisen from Pakistan’s illegal Kashmir. A human rights activist in PoK, speaking Tihar attack on Imran Khan, described him as Taliban Khan. Dr. Shabir Chaudhary has said in the UN that Pakistan is fooling the entire world community. He is still the biggest country to follow terrorism.

Shabir Chowdhary, speaking in another program apart from 39th UN Human Rights session in Geneva, said, “Since Imran Khan’s government has come to Pakistan in Pakistan, the situation has worsened. Chaudhary addressed Imran as Taliban Khan. He said, in the recent budget presented by the new government of Imran Khan, the KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkawa) madarsas have been given Rs 30 crore assistance. It is also called Taliban University.

Chaudhary said, when officially such a university has got 30 crore assistance, then how unofficially it will be. On the arrival of this government, strict support given to the hardcore groups.

Chaudhary along with another POK activist said, terrorism and fanaticism have increased after Imran Khan’s government came to power in the country. United Qaumi People’s Party Chairman Shaukat Ali Kashmiri said, “PoK has been the stronghold of terrorism for decades. Pakistan’s agencies have prepared an inferior infrastructure in the POK. From here, terrorism spread in the rest of Kashmir. It works as a launching pad. ‘

He further said, “We have full knowledge that Pakistan has not made any changes in its policies. He is just trying to paralyze the international community with his statements. Terrorists camps are going on there till now. ‘ On the ongoing protest against water in Muzaffarabad and other parts of PoK, Dr. Chaudhary said, the terrorists given a license by the government on a regular basis. If people do not listen to them, then they kill them.

Significantly, Pakistani PM Imran Khan wrote a letter to PM Modi and appealed that the foreign ministers of the two countries make a further meeting before meeting in the UN. On this, the consensus reached in both the countries.

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