Karnataka election: PM Modi Rahul Gandhi trade charges

Karnataka election

VIDEO: Why did PM Modi in the Karnataka election campaign mention of 'red chilly, green chillies and potatoes'

During the Karnataka election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed an election rally in Tumkur district of the state on Saturday, once again tearing a attack on Congress. Prime Minister Modi said that Congress has neglected farmers in the last seven decades. He said that the Congress has been fooling the poor people to win the elections since the time of Indira Gandhi. They are neither worried about farmers or poor people. People are now tired of the Congress.

While addressing the election rally, Modi said, "Now the Congressmen are from top to bottom, local, country or foreign. Here you are from here Understand or not. There is a gram or a plant. Green pepper or red chilli. Those who do not understand so much, who bring gold from potatoes, they have started shouting farmers farmers day by day.

The Prime Minister said in the rally, due to the policies of Congress today, the plight of the farmers is that we are trying to wash their sins. The Congress just keeps screaming poor poor. He did nothing to raise the lives of people. Now they have stopped saying the poor because people have now chosen the prime minister from a poor family.

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JDS Congress combine attack

The Prime Minister also attacked JDS and Congress in this rally. He said, he is fighting in these elections, but in Bangalore, he gets together for the mayor. Although earlier JDS chief HD Devegoda had praised Modi.

The prime minister, while targeting the Congress government in the state, said that why till date did the people of Tumkur not get the water of the Hemwati river? Our government is working on the Arrival Project. No work has been done for this last 30 years on this project. The Congress is not concerned about anyone. He is just trying to hide his blacksmith.

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