Kapil Sharma’s ex says he might be bipolar, blames new girlfriend

kapil sharma

kapil sharmafiled a police complaint against his ex managers neeti preeti and a journalist

Comedian Kapil Sharma, who wrote many tweets on Twitter with a lump in a day earlier, has now started a new legal battle. He has registered a case of ransom demanding 25 lakh rupees against his two former manager-appointed policy, Simoes, Preity Simoes and a web portal editor. Remind that the news of Kapil’s affair with his X manager Preity Simoes was also quite hot. According to the news agency ANI, Kapil has filed a case against the editor of this web portal for spoiling his image due to non-payment of money. Explain that Kapil had tweeted a day beforehand on his social media account to publish the news of this web portal without any convincing information.

Angry on tweets on Friday

In fact, Kapil Sharma tweeted on Friday evening protesting Salman Khan’s sentence. After this, he expressed his anger without running the news and running the news without confirmation. But after this Kapil has deleted the tweet automatically. By deleting the tweets, Kapil said it was a hacker’s work and apologized. In his apology, Kapil wrote, ‘Please ignore these hate speech tweets, my account has been hacked. I apologize for the inconvenience you have received. ‘ But after some time this apology apology was deleted.

My team deleted tweets

On Saturday morning Kapil again made two tweets. In his first tweet, Kapil has taken responsibility for all the tweets of the day before, “Whatever I wrote was written by my heart … it was my team who deleted my tweets .. But I am … I am not afraid to be a sales reporter. She can write anything about someone for just a few bucks. shameless.’

In addition, Kapil, while tweeting another copy, shared a copy of his complaint on social media, saying, “Some people can only defame you for a few bucks. But it takes a long time to take a stand against wrongdoing. I will do it today and I will always do it. ‘

Let me tell you that things have not been going well with Kapil Sharma, who has been called the comedy king on TV for some time now. Earlier, his TV show closed, his film floped, and now after 8 months he has returned with a new show on the small screen, people do not like their new show ‘Family Time with Kapil Sharma’. This is not the first time that Kapil has come into controversy due to his tweets. Before this, Kapil got caught in controversy by tweeting his tax.

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