Johnson and Johnson in court, Victims will get compensation of 1.22 crores

Johnson and Johnson in court

Johnson and Johnson in court, Victims will get compensation of 1.22 crores

American pharmaceutical and consumer packaged company Johnson & Johnson will now have to pay the patients on the basis of the compensation set by the Government of India. Johnson & Johnson had questioned the government’s compensation formula after complaints of poor hip implant and filed a petition in the Supreme Court. Now the Supreme Court has rejected all petitions. The Supreme Court has said that the compensation for the victims of Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 1.22 crore is correct. Explain that more than 14 thousand people have affected due to poor equipment used in hip implants.

Benefit to all people

The court has instructed the government to tell more and more people about this compensation. So that the number of patients affected in the process of hip implant can be compensate for them.

Let me tell you that the government had prepared a compensation formula based on a committee formed in this case. But Johnson and Johnson had objected to it saying that the government did not take any opinion from the company about the compensation formula.

What is the matter

The case is connect to the equipment from the company’s hip implant between 2004 and 2010. Due to the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson’s hip implant device, many patients around the world have had very bad effects. For the first time in the year 2009, the Case of the Bad Hip Implant System of the Johnson and John Company came out. According to the company, there were 4,700 surgeries in India since 2006, in which 121 serious cases were report in between 2014 and 2017. In India, about 3600 patients have been affect due to the company’s wrong hip implant system.

Company in disputes

This is not the first case when questions of Johnston & Johnson’s products are being raise. According to a report in July 2017, many women in Missouri State of America had registered a case of uterine cancer due to the powder related products of the company. The allegations made by the victims during the investigation proved true and a huge fine of Rs. 32000 crores were impose on the company.

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