Jharkhand Bandh: 18973 protesters detained including Hemant, Babulal

Jharkhand BandhJharkhand Bandh: Highway jams, shops closed, know what the protest happening

Against the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill in Jharkhand, the opposition has called for Jharkhand bandh today. This bill boiled in the politics of the state after getting approval from the President. However, the police-administration has made stringent arrangements to deal with the call from the opposition.

Jharkhand Mahanand seen as effective

Almost all highway jams of the state. Coal vehicles seen on the roads. At the same time, the local administration is also looking forward to the peace system on the spot. In addition to the gunfight of the leaders along with the police, except the ruckus at several places, the bandh closed almost peacefully.

For tackling the closed supporters and maintaining the peace system, the force has been replaced. Where-there is a partial fissure, the reef men have been put in place.

Actually, the Opposition upset about the policies of the government. He believes that by amending the CNT / SPT Act, the government is working to snatch the land of tribals from them. Along with the controversial Land Acquisition law, the conspiracy is to plot their forest land in the name of development to the corporate houses.

Adivasis believe that due to being residents here, they have their first right over water, forest and land. At the same time, some organizations have been trying to crush the tribals and create anti-government air under the guise of these issues.

Jharkhand Bandh protesters

It is known that on August 12, 2017, this amendment passed in the assembly in a phonetic manner and nothing of the opposition heard.

On the other hand, BJP says that this amendment will open new door for development in the state. There is no such thing as transfer of tribal land. According to the state government, the amendment proposal in land acquisition law  not brought to any industrialist-bourgeoisie.

Rather, the schemes like Hospital, School, Road, Panchayat Bhawan, Anganwadi, Transmission Line  brought about for faster implementation. The purpose of the government is that people affected by land acquisition can definitely get 4 times the compensation.

According to the state government, in the amendment it is clear that land acquired only with the consent of the local residents. Challenging the opposition, the BJP says that the simplification of the law  now done. The schedule area  not  affected by it either. There is no such thing as taking tribals land especially in the land.

In this simplification the scheduled area not touched. The first social audit took two to three years. Now after simplification it will take 6- 8 months. The Scheduled Areas not touched under section 341 of the Land Acquisition Act. In this amendment, sub-section 2 and three of the Section 2 of Land Acquisition Act 2013 have been simplified.

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