Jet Airways founder letter to his employees: “Trust and contribute to increase earnings”

Jet Airways

Jet Airways founder letter to his employees: “Trust and contribute to increase earnings”

Naresh Goyal, the founder and chairman of Jet Airways, who is going through a financial crisis, wrote a letter to the company’s employees. In a letter to the employees, Goyal has requested that the media report should be done without paying attention and trust the company. At the same time he also wrote that the management is busy in every possible effort to overcome the difficulties. He has also appealed to all the employees to reduce the company’s expenses and increase earnings at this time.

Relief from the fall in crude oil

New year e-mail sent to Jet Airways employees from Goyal has said that the decline in crude oil prices has given some relief now. But still the challenge remains uncertain in Braxtil, China-US trade, Middle East. Let us know, Jet Airways has stopped flights on many routes, flights will be closed at many more routes ahead. In the past, Jet has also launched new flights on the route like Mumbai-Manchester, Pune-Singapore. Looking at the good earnings from the London service, the focus is on the Amsterdam and Paris Route.

Free mile will not be available in the economy class

Earlier, in the beginning of December, the airline, which was struggling with financial crisis. They decided not to give free mileage to the economy class. This decision will be implemented from January. Apart from this, free miles can also be closed on domestic flights from Jet Airways. All these decisions have been taken by the airline to cut costs. However, economy class passenger will be given the option of buying on-board miles.

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