Interesting and Funny Facts about “Tiger”


"A tiger is the most magnificent creature in the entire world"

  • Tiger is India's national animal.
  • In place of the lion in 1972 by the Indian Wildlife Board, the tiger was adopted as the National Animal of India.
  • Because of its presence in large parts of the country, it was chosen as the national animal of India.
  • Tigers symbolize the richness of India's wildlife.
  • The body of the tiger is strong and color brown in which there are black colored straps.
  • Tiger has a long tail. His padded legs are sharp paws.
  • Tiger weighs 300 kg.
  • Tigers are excellent swimmers. Tigers can swim comfortably up to 6 kilometers.
  • The tiger belongs to the cat family. It looks like a big cat.
  • Tigers usually found in the jungles.
  • The tiger is fond of blood and meat. It is a very cruel wild animal.
  • Since the launch of 'Project Tiger', there has been a gradual increase in tiger population.

In India, there is a complete ban on hunting of tigers

  • To increase awareness of the dwindling population of tigers and its conservation, the World Tiger Day is celebrated on July 29 of every year in the whole world.
  • The genes of white tigers occur in one tiger of 10 thousand.
  • Tigers usually prefer hunting alone at night.
  • Tigers can run at speeds of 65 kilometers per hour.
  • Tigers can jump up to 5 meters up to the height.
  • The color of the body of the tiger is light yellow, which has brown and black vertical strips. The size of these stripes varies. The stomach is white.
  • Tigers ate an average 9 kg of meat per day. A tiger hides 45-50 diamonds throughout the year.
  • Tiger is timid by nature. Unless it injured or crushed, it does not face it.
  • The tiger has a lot of love for his place of residence. After detouring for hunting, it comes back to the same place.
  • The tiger's body is amazing. By pressing the cow-bull in the mouth, it easily crosses high-altitude shrublands.

The roar of a tiger heard from 3 km away

  • After pregnancy till the day, the female gives birth to 4-6 babies. Babies are blind during birth. Weight is 1 to 1.5 kilograms.
  • Prefers hunting in the cold time of the day. It hunts from wild boar to buffalo. Sometimes there is a shortage of food, so lizards, frogs, but learn to eat. Dead animals also learn to eat.
  • Tiger stripes are not only on their fur but also on their skin.
  • DNA of a cat matches 95.6 percent of the DNA of the tiger.
  • The tigers of each tiger are different in the same way as the fingerprints of the man's fingers.
  • A dead adult male tiger black market sells more than 6 lakhs.
  • According to one figure, from 1800 to 2009 tigers have killed 3,73,000 people.
  • Tiger is capable of taking revenge from those who have gone wrong with them.

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