Insurance company’s New Proposals For their Customer

Insurance company

Insurance company’s proposals to make customer’s Mobile Number their Insurance Number

If you have an insurance plan and have entered your mobile number with the company, then the insurance company can give you all kinds of information from your policy document or by calling you via WhatsApp. At present, thousands of policyholders are also taking advantage of it. Insurance companies have demanded from the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) that it is mandatory to include mobile number for all companies.

The policy holder will have the Advantage

According to Rakesh Jain, CEO of Reliance General, if the mobile number of the policy holder is made in General Insurance, then the policy holder will benefit greatly with the insurance company. In a conversation with Zee Business, he said that through a mobile number, the policy holder will be able to connect directly to the company. And then the information from all the procedures from the policy document to the claim will be provide to the policy holder on the mobile number. The insurance company can send all the documents on whatsapp.

Settlement process will be easy

Rakesh Jain told that it is easy to confirm the policy holder from the mobile number. The claim settlement process is easy with the correct mobile number. And the number of customers who have the company number is easily accessible to them. In addition, a mobile number is required in mutual funds and bank accounts. Many companies do this through policy document and claim process mobile app.

In this case, it is also expected that the customer’s mobile number will be his insurance number. The second benefit would be that the settlement process becomes easier with the customer’s correct mobile number. In fact, the number of customers who have the company number is easily accessible to the company. The customers whose mobile number is not register in the policy, have difficulty in claiming many times. Mobile number has already been made necessary in the mutual fund and bank account.

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