India world-class rankings in Institutes, 25 Institutes made space in top 200

Indian Institute of Technology

India world-class rankings in Institutes, 25 Institutes made space in top 200

According to data released by Times Higher Education (Tuesday) on Tuesday, 49 institutes have replaced the 2019 ranking. Of these 49 institutions, 25 have made the top 200. This number was only seven in the year 2018 ranking. But this time it has reached 25 with a huge increase. The Times Higher Education Emerging Economics University rankings. Show that Indian Institute of Science (India) ranked first in the ranking of India (14th). Followed by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (27th).

On the other hand, the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, is ranked 35th place. Due to the improvement in volume, income and reputation and industry income. Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, 61st in this list and JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research found 64th place. At the same time Savitribai Phule Pune University has been placed at 93rd place due to an increase in its research score, due to a significant increase in its research impact with the National University of Mexico.

The organizers of the rankings said that with 72 institutions, China remains the most represented country in the annual list, which claims four out of the top five posts in the table. The Eli Bothwell of the said: “Indian institutions have tremendous potential for success – not only on the emerging platform, but also at the world level. Wherever the world is going forward, the other countries, which were lagging behind, such as Malaysia and Egypt, now they are moving very fast. Which is much higher than the Indian institutions?

“In this year’s list, educational institutions of India are performing well.

Even though they are view from the international perspective and the global average rate. India is still far behind from other countries. In such a situation, if the Indian higher education institution focuses on strengthening it, it will promote India’s global reputation and will help attract students even at the international level.

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