India first bullet train service to say ‘sorry’ for over 1 minute delays

India first bullet train

India first bullet train service to say ‘sorry’ for over 1 minute delays

India first bullet train: Under the leadership of Piyush Goyal, several works Beautification of the stations is completed. Facilities inside the train have now expanded and old facilities have improved. However, the biggest problem of Indian Railways is that the train is not on time. Most trains run late. That is why travelling by train is difficult.

On one side, in 2022, there is a plan to run a bullet train in the country. In such a way, it is very important to follow the train time. This is also the biggest challenge of National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation (NHSRC). Meanwhile, the NHSRC has said that this will not happen with the bullet train. We will run the bullet train just like Shinkansen of Japan. In such a situation if the train is more than two minutes late, we will apologize to the all the passengers.

The NHSRC managing director told an English newspaper that we want to apply the tradition of Japan to the bullet train case here. In Japan, the bullet train runs all the time. If the train is late, then it is taken as big issue and it has to be explain.

Japanese Concept

Japan’s timing of bullet train can be estimate from the fact that if a train had delayed by 20 seconds then all travellers were apologized. Even late notes are issue to all passengers. In any country in the world, the bullet train is not so strict about time.

The first project of the bullet train in India is to connect Mumbai and Ahmedabad. This distance is 508 kilometres. Bullet trains between two cities will run at 320 km per hour. The project is planning to be complete by 2022. According to the media report, 70 visits will be complete between the two cities in one day. If you talk about travel cost in bullet train, it will cost tenfold more than the first AC.

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