Imran Hashmi was suffering the same pain during the studies, while speaking to the fans he said…

Imran Hashmi

Imran Hashmi was suffering the same pain during the studies, while speaking to the fans he said…

Actor Emraan Hashmi, who came to the production house from the film ‘Why Cheat India’. Wants to get people to blame for the education system. Imran has caught many of the system’s shortcomings at the time of his studies. Believes that such a film will be quite a relevance for today’s time.

Talking to the media about this, Imran says, “I wanted the audience to know the faults of the education system. I have caught myself, rubbing at school, going to my commerce due to wrong reasons. what do you want to do. There was no clarity, there was cheating in school and college. It is everywhere in our country, I thought, as a producer, I should show it in the film, this is a very relentless film. ”

Through such films, there will be arousing in the people and the first stop for that change is also. Many parents do not even know about these shortcomings of education system or they do not want to know. Imran explains, “Those people who do not know this thing will know through the film”. Parents do not know that such things are happening. If some things are going on, then the matter will go forward, the reforms will come, a change is Gonna Come.”

Recently, the title of this film was change to “Why Cheat India” from ‘Cheat India’. Imran Hashmi.

Who is a new producer, has played a role in his role as a promoter, along with the producer’s work as well. Imran says, “Because of such things, there is a little bit of stress on the producers. When the title of your film changes a week ago, you have to make time for other things like making new posters, changes in banners and stands. Do it. ”

Even after changing the title, Imran is quite convince about his film. He believes that if people have liked promos, they will definitely come to see the film. Whether the film’s name is ‘Cheat India’ or ‘Why cheat India’. The film will be released on January 18 in theaters.

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