‘The website showing the impact of human species on Earth’


Maps Show Humans' Growing Impact on the Planet

Researchers have created a new website in which graphic proofs have shown how mankind has changed the Earth rapidly. The entire world or part of it can seen in this website 'Time Arg'. The effect of air pollution, trade, erosion, economic inequality and other such major factors can be known through this. Carnegie Mellon University researcher of the US has developed this website. Professor Elah Noorbuksh said, 'Meaning of time is to tell stories. 'NoBurbhes' lab has spent more than ten years on the development of 'Earth time' technology.

He said that through this portal the effect of humanity on the global seen. He said that this website is now available to all. The purpose of this initiative is to help people decide on their life and their effect on the earth. This website is based on the principle of 'Open Source'. Major sources for this include the World Bank, United Nations Refugee Agency, NASA, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and the WWF.

70 thousand years ago, modern humans came to South East Asia: report

Scientists say that modern humans had reached Southeast Asia some 70,000 years ago from Africa. The first estimation was that he came out of Africa a lot later. According to a study conducted under the leadership of researchers from Australia's Macquarie University, humans passed through Australia approximately 60,000 to 65,000 years ago.

The dating of cave linda azar in western Sumatra, Indonesia, gives evidence of the use of rainforests of modern humans. Gilbert Price of 'University of Queensland' in Australia said, "Rainforest is not an easy place for living, especially for the savannas living in Savannah's environment, it seems that they are wise to live in accordance with intelligence, planning and technology. Were better than average in molding. "As a result of the documentation of the cave, the reassessment of the samples and a new dating program have confirmed that there Found teeth are about 73,000 years ago, of modern humans, human race. This study published in 'Nature' magazine.

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