ICC Prepare Strictly Rules On Cricketers, In Rules Book


ICC Revise Their Code Of Conduct

After the ball tempering controversy in the Cape Town Test, the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Thursday said it will review its code of conduct, the behavior of players and the penalties for the mistakes made in the game to bring positive changes in the game. The ICC said that in the review, there will be several former and current cricket players, including cricket committee, MCC and match officials. All of this noted that existing controversy, besides the punishment of players, how to make the sense of sports a more important part of the Code of Conduct.

"In the last few weeks, we have seen many examples of bad behavior of the players, including sledging, bad behavior with the batsman, disagreement with umpire decisions and issues such as ball tempering," the ICC said in a statement. "It was probably the worst tour to miss the recent events," the statement said, after the ball-tampering, the whole world has given a clear message that there has been a lot. "

On the third day of the third test match played against Australia and South Africa from March 22 to 26, Australia's Cameron Bencrafts seen putting the sandpaper on the ball. After this the controversy went deeper and the resultĀ  banned by Australian captain Steve Smith, vice-captain David Warner and Bancroft Cricket Australia.

ICC Chief Executive Officer

David Richardson said, "What has happened over the last few weeks, we have to go ahead of it, but not with the hope that people will forget it, rather it will have to go ahead with learning positive things and fans around the world Have faith that they can believe in cricket. "

Richardson said that this review will give ICC the chance to see how this game should be in the 21st Century. "It will give us a chance that we can think about the game in the 21st century and how to test the players' behavior again, we will focus on two things, first, on the Code of Ethics, given the seriousness of the matter. Reviewing its level clearly defining the code in which every brass works involved and the punishment given on it reviewed. " He said, "Second, we will create the Spirit of Cricket Code, which clearly states that what is the meaning of playing the game. "Richardson said," We have to make clear how kind of behavior is valid and not of the kind. "

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