One sided Love hostage a model in bhopal madhya Pradesh


Bhopal:sarphira Aashik has made the model hostage, talking to the media on video calling

A horrific event has come out in Bhopal. Here a man is made hostage to a girl at 7 a.m. in his own house. The hostage girl is the daughter of BSNL’s former GM and is a student of MTech. The girl works in Mumbai and has come home only two months ago.

The boy has made her hostage with the girl’s parents in her own house. He kept the girl’s parents in another room and talked to the media through video calling.

According to the information, the girl complained to the police of disturbing the Egyptian police two months ago. The police then brought the accused to Aligarh and after that it was released on bail. The accused boy is from UP’s Aligarh. The police arrived on the spot is running rescue operation. The accused boy says that he loves the model and wants to marry.

Video calling has revealed that the boy has also beaten the girl. The boy is not keen to talk to policemen but he is constantly talking to the media persons. The media is present outside the girl and from there the GPCG reporter is talking to the boy. He says that the policemen first beat him and the girl and spread the news that the boy has taken the girl hostage.

These are Rohit’s demands:

– Woman wants to marry.

– The accused accused of beating the policemen.

– Waiting for your dad’s arrival is waiting.

– The media is constantly doing the talking.

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