Google’s event will be on October 9 which can be launched in Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL

Pixel 3

Pixel 3: Google Confirms New Smartphones Launch For October 9 In New York

Tech Company is going to organize a hardware event on October 9th. It is expected that Google will launch its most popular Pixel 3 and Pixel XL smartphones this year. It is rumored that Google will launch new pixelback and some other Made by Google products during this event. The company has started sending the media invoice for this event. This event will start at 8:30 pm Indian time.

Event of San Francisco will be in New York City Event:

This Google event will be held in New York City this time. While earlier Google’s events were held in San Francisco. Last time Google’s hardware event was organized on October 4, but this time its date has been extended 5 days and it will be held on October 9.

I <3 With the NY sign, the Media Invitation

9to5google has released a report about the media invitations sent by Google. According to this report, the invoices sent by Google are in the form of a GIF file, which creates an ‘I <3 NY’ image in the Metallic Silver and Gold / Copper color. After this, Google’s logo is displayed in GIF. The 3 shown in the Gef image apparently indicates Google’s smartphone pixels 3. However, Google has not officially provided any information regarding this event.




These can be specifications:


Features                   Google Pixel 3XL                                             Google Pixel 3

Display                      6.2 inches                                                           5.3 inches

Processor                 snapdragon 845                                              snapdragon 845

OS                            Android P                                                           Android P

RAM                            6 GB                                                                 4 GB

Storage                   64 GB / 128GB                                              64 GB / 128GB



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