if you are struggling for good sleep know apollos dr tarun sahnis advice

tarun sahnis advice

Reasons Why You Are Struggling to Sleep

Every other person is grappling with these problems due to lack of sleep. Often this problem gives you the name of a disease. It has also been seen that without knowing the exact reasons for this problem, some people also start sleeping pills. This sleeping pill gives them suhila for some time, but next morning you also create some problems for you. Continuous use of sleeping pill increases your chances of becoming like a drug addict.

In this regard, doctors said that there are some medical areas for the problem of sleeping, but most people are struggling with this problem due to their untimely routine. According to the doctors, you can get rid of the problem of not sleeping by bringing some improvement in your daily routine. We talked to Dr. Tarun Kumar Sahni of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital about this problem of not sleeping. Let’s tell you what is the reason for your sleep, and how the sleeping sleep can be called back in very easy ways.

According to Dr. Tarun Kumar Sahni, our body depends entirely on sleep. When we sleep in the night after parting of the whole day, then deep sleep reacts on our body’s energy. This process of energy recharge is called sleep rhythm in medical language. If our sleep rhythm is not good then its side effects will gradually become visible not only in our body but also in behavior. It is very important for you to stay healthy so that you can have full sleep for six to eight hours at night. Medical science has also accepted six to eight hours of sleep for a healthy body.

Why not sleep

Dr. Tarun Kumar Sahni of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital told that there are two reasons why sleep does not come. First of all, there may be some disorders in your body. Which we call sleep apnea syndrome in medical terms. At the same time, the second reason is completely linked to the life style. Life is the biggest role of body bioremediation due to sleep problems. Due to the worsening of body bioremediation, people often stop sleeping. Despite all the efforts, he can take only two to three hours of deep sleep.

What is bioethrum

According to Dr. Tarun Kumar Sahni, every person has a routine. For example, he wakes up at six o’clock in the morning, breakfast at eight o’clock, lunches at 12 o’clock and sleeps at ten o’clock in the night. When we follow this daily routine, then the body’s Bio Clock accepts it. After accepting Bio Clock, the body starts reacting in this sequence. This is the biological language of the medical language. The problem arises when we change this routine everyday. Especially during bedtime, there is a daily change. Due to this change, the body’s biodegradation worsens and the problem of sleep does not start.


What is sleep apnea syndrome

Dr. Tarun Kumar Sahani said that when sleep stopped due to any disorder in the body, we speak Sleep Apnea Syndrome in the language of medicine. They told that many patients come to us and their wife tells us that their husbands suddenly wake up while sleeping at night. After a while he breathes again. This type of problem is an example of sleep apnea syndrome. This problem is basically due to obesity. Because of the presence of fat in the body, some people get a hindrance in the tube of breathing, which leads to their sleep open suddenly. As soon as they sit, they get restated and they become normal.

These are the solutions of good sleep

Dr. Sahni said that for better sleep, you can take some home remedies instead of bullets. In which the first remedy is not to sit on the chair after dinner and not to go on a boat for about an hour. Soon after dinner, you can walk around. In doing so your food will start reaching the right place. People who do not have a place for a trip, they can also do yoga related to food digesting in their home. After this, the remaining time used to read books and listen to music. Close the TV about half an hour before sleeping. Use light light instead of bright light in bed room. That will make your mind calm down and of course you will get better sleep.


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