Fortnite Leaks: Epic Games Forces Closure of FNBRLeaks

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Fortnite Leaks: Epic Games Forces Closure of FNBRLeaks

With Fortnite Season 7 at its full swing, it isn’t just fans of Epic Games’.Battle royale sensation Fortnite who have had their hands full of it. The company’s lawyers have been very busy and sending out a legal notice to Fortnite leaker, FNBRLeaks. This comes after elements of Fortnite Season 7, such as its snow-themed map were datamined and made public.

Recently PUBG also launched their snow map. The FNBRLeaks Twitter account tweeted that Epic Games had threatened legal action if various FNBR social media profiles and GitHub Page weren’t deleted soon.

This means is, leaks of what to expect from Fortnite could come to a crawl. More importantly, it highlights how heavy-handed Epic Games can get with its own community and fans base around the world.

“I am not going to go into specifics with this,” the tweet said. “Due to the request of an Epic Games Attorney who i’m not going to disclose, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, my Twitter, and GitHub must be deleted or they will take action. Thank you all for the support and followers over my 7 month span of the FNBR Leaks twitter. Sadly, everything comes to an end.”

Epic Games Forces Closure of FNBRLeaks

In addition to this deleted FNBRLeaks, Discord had images of the legal notice that were posted by an FNBRLeaks staffer. It states that FNBRLeaks “spoiled the game for millions of people who play and/or watch Fortnite and negatively impacted those who work hard to create and update Fortnite after all the hardwork and investment. The fact that he is a teenager makes this no less true”.

Considering how the Fortnite community has reacted to previous leaks in the past, it appears that little has been spoiled because Fortnite doesn’t have a deep story or narrative that plays out and liked by gamers. Besides, it’s rare to see players feel angry over a leak of something as little value as a new cosmetic item in a game.

Nonetheless, this Fortnite leaks crackdown could be just the beginning for a company that champions open platforms, Epic is rather close-minded about how its fans should enjoy Fortnite and play.

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