Facebook’s Downvote Button Rolls Out In Australia, NZ – This Is How Users Are Responding!


Facebook launched 'Downvote' button, different from Disclaimer

There is great news for people waiting for a dislike button like Like Like Facebook. Facebook has launched Downvote's feature instead of Dislike. Even before the company said it was not a dislike button. In this case, the euphorishers will now be able to express their dislike on this social site.

According to Facebook, users will be able to tell whether this is not okay or it is confusing post or comment by downing the user comments and status via the downvote button. Let us know, the company had done this feature in the US in February with a few limited people.

Right now, the company has opened this feature for more users. According to a report, the main purpose of this downvote button is to improve the quality of the status and comments on Facebook. Let me know, when Facebook gave the Like button in 2009. Since then, people wanted to give a choice to discelike the same as the company's Like button.

The Like button given in Facebook gives the user the right to agree on the post and the comment being made on behalf of the people involved in his circle. Apart from this, there is a choice of likes on photos too.

Facebook's spokesperson said that the world's largest social networking site is creating confusions of misleading stories and false spreading content on its platform and targeting them to spread the least. Apart from this, we immediately reduce the rectangle of the content which found to  incorrect after checking the fax. Because we do not want any kind of social problem arising due to the wrong content.

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