Ugly Truth: How Facebook Uses Your Private Data


Ugly Truth: How Facebook Uses Your Private Data

Facebook is the biggest player in data theft, which is emerging as the world’s largest threat at the moment. Even fresh research suggests that even if you are not using the Facebook app. Then your data is still going to Facebook. Research in Privacy International, a company working for data privacy, has revealed that if you have not installed the Facebook app on your mobile or you do not have a Facebook account, then the Facebook company can access your data with the help of another app. is. Not only this, this data is a bargain.

How does the data get stolen?

While developing all such apps, the application development tool called Facebook SDK was use when it was created, they could send user data to Facebook. Dualingo, TripAdvisor, Indeed and Sky Scanner, popularly known as Android Apps, are also selling users data to Facebook. This research was release in ‘Chaos Computer Congress’ in Leipzig, Germany.

How did they research for Data?

In research, Privacy International studied such 34 Android apps with users from 10 to 50 crores which share data with Facebook. In August 2018, the selected app was monitored from August to December and it was seen what kind of data they send to Facebook. Research suggests that the app developer app development tool ‘Facebook Software Development Kit’ is delivering user data to Facebook. 23 out of 34 apps came out, as soon as you opened, your personal information was shared with Facebook.

Data Piracy

Data Worldwide is currently playing the role of Kingmaker. It can also be understood by you that the companies that manufacture and sell the product today are millionaires and billionaires, it took decades to reach here. But there are many billionaires around the world, including Hindustan, who have been able to reach the data, internet and e-commerce power in a few years. Now Google, Facebook companies track you. Even every mob of your mobile they know. They have access to every photo, every password, every secret number, every contact. If your personal data leaks in such a way then you will suffer a lot. Even if the companies say that your data is encrypted, nothing is impossible in front of hacking.

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