Facebook Recorded Calls And Messages Being Recorded Thus Changing Settings and save your data


Facebook Recorded Calls And Messages save your data

The report of data stealing on Facebook has started a new debate over the information among users around the world. In fact, a firm named Cambridge Anilica tampered with data from millions of users of Facebook. The firm used it to influence the 2016 US presidential election. After this, Facebook had to face about 6 lakh crore loss in two days. Facebook's shares, which faced users' displeasure, fell to 9 percent. Given the seriousness of the matter, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had to come forward. Zuckerberg also apologized to the users as well as assured that there should be no such incident in the future. But another recent report is questioning privacy on Facebook. According to reports, Facebook is also recording calls and SMS data of users.

In fact, social media giant Facebook has given information about how he mobilizes information in a blog. According to Facebook, it gets the information that the users give permission. When you go to access Facebook Messenger or Facebook Lite on your smartphone, the app asks for permissions (permissions) of some of your items. This option appears to the user, which you can refuse. Here users also get a feature that can stop this feature by going to the settings of the Facebook Messenger or Facebook Lite. According to Facebook, the information taken from Android phones is as an option.

Avoid sharing information with these methods

When you open Facebook Messenger for the first time after installing it, you have 3 options. Turn On, Not Now And Learn More After turning on Turn On, Facebook Messenger starts getting your information. If you do not want to give information about your phone, then Tap on Now Now can use the app.

Right after opening the Facebook Light, for the first time you will get 2 options. Turn it and Skip Just after tapping Turn it on, Facebook Lite starts capturing your information. By tapping Skip there you can stop sharing your information.

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