what kind of data did facebook leak 5 million users

facebook leak 5 million users

Hackers ‘attack’ on Facebook, steal information of 5 million users

The case of Cambridge Analysta Scandal not settled yet that a new hacking incident came to light. For the past two years, Facebook has been struggling with many problems.facebook leak 5 million users.

On Friday, Facebook acknowledged that due to the burglary in his security, the account of 50 million, or 5 million people, was affected. This social networking site says that the information of users was hacked by attacking his computer network.

This week’s incident of hacks surfaced. Hackers attacked a feature of Facebook code and reached the users’ account. However, the company has rectified this disturbance and the security agencies given all this information.

More than 9 crore Facebook users forced to logout on Friday, so that their accounts kept secure. Such tricks followed when there is a burglary in safety. Facebook says there is currently no information about the attackers, but further investigation is going on.

facebook leak 5 million users

Friday’s hacking in the history of Facebook considered the biggest event. Before that, Facebook to severely criticized by the Facebook about the Propaganda campaign in the 2016 presidential election. Considering the growing height of the company, the pressures of regulating it are also increasing. More recently, Cambridge Analysta Scandal also revealed in which the company all-roundly condemned. British company Cambridge Analyica had stole nearly nine million Facebook users data

The biggest challenge facing Facebook now is how it can convince its users that it is capable of handling the data. More than 2 billion people use Facebook every month in the world. Apart from this, 2 billion people use WhatsApp and photo sharing app Instagram as well. Both of these companies are from Facebook.

In the Cambridge Analysta Scandal case, Facebook’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg had said, “It is our responsibility to keep your data safe. If you can not do it then we not fit to serve you. ‘ Facebook is facing many government investigations about data sharing and privacy policy. After the Cambridge Analysta Scandal revealed, the Securities and Exchange Commission also started investigating against Facebook.

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