Facebook believes 5.62 lakh Indians likely to leak data


Facebook says data leak may have ‘potentially affected’ 5.62 lakh Indians

Facebook has assumed that data of about 5.62 lakh Indians is expected to be included in data sharing from Cambridge Analysta (CA). This giant social media company believed that it shared data of 8.70 million people with CA.

Facebook acknowledged on Thursday that out of 8.70 million people, about 7.80 million users are from the United States. About 10 to 10 million people in Indonesia and the UK also gave information to Facebook. In response to the government’s notice, Facebook has said that only 335 Indians have been affected directly because they downloaded an application called MyDigitalLife developed by Global Science Research Ltd. Through this the CA obtained the data. There are about 200 million Facebook users in India.

Officials of the ministry of electronic and information technology have confirmed Facebook’s response. An official of the ministry said that the government has asked the CAs to answer the six questions, which will know how they used the data of Indians.

Facebook’s chief technical officer Mike Schifer said that people easily allow the app to take their personal information. Therefore, we should be careful when giving information to the app. Facebook says that it going to create a system where the user’s personal information such as religious or political opinion, relationship status, number of friends, education and work information, health, book reading, music, news, sports, video related Information should not asked.

What was the case?

Due to data mining done by Analytica Freem, personal information of several million Facebook users stolen. It used to influence poles in many countries. Facebook admitted that data of people close to 87 million people stolen. Most of the data is from US. A Facebook spokesperson said that 335 people affected by this directly through app installation. At the same time, about 562,120 people friends of those users and  affected in the case of data theft. A total of 562,455 Indians impressed by this. It is 0.6 percent of the affected people globally.

Strict Need for Data Regulation: Facebook currently has 2.1 billion users active. Of these, 1.4 billion users use the site daily. Being a social networking site, people regularly share their thoughts, photos and life events on it. This allows Facebook to share high resolution pictures and information of any company or person. If this information leaked it used incorrectly at several large levels. In such a big question arises whether the law enacted regarding privacy protection and data regulation in the future? Because such laws require a strict requirement to ensure the security of the users’ personal information after the case of this big data theft.

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