The first trial of the engine T-18 train will be successful


The first trial of the engine T-18 train will be successful, it will run for the passengers from December: formula

first trial of the engine T-18 train Sources linked to the railway ministry say that the T-18 has been set to be operational from December 15. Sources also told that the first trial of the train has been successful. The first trial was done on the Moradabad-Bareilly section. During the trial, without any engine running, the T-18 easily achieved the speed of 90-120 kmph.

Sources say the trial will be completed by next week. First, an attempt will be made to run T-18 at a speed of 160 km / h. If this trial was successful, then T-18 would be another trial to run from 160-200 kmph. Earlier, Tejas had also been able to trace his capacity 160-200 km per hour and Tejas was successful in this trial.

Delhi-Bhopal route to run

Sources say that the T-18 train will replace Shatabdi Express and run from Delhi to Bhopal route. During this time its speed will be 160 kmph. This is the first train made under Make in India. This train has been prepared in Chennai’s Integral Coach Factory (ICF). Sources say that the final decision of the route will be taken till next week.

Flexi fair system will not apply

According to sources, the T-18 fare will be like the Tejas train. Flexi Fair system will not be applicable in this but its rent will be around 20-25% more than Shatabdi Express. Two types of options will be given to the passengers for the rent. Eating tickets and non-food facility tickets. The route that runs on T-18, will be 5-6 stops in that route. Sources say that due to low stops, the train will be able to spend more time in less time.

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