E-commerce companies, bothered by shutting down the ‘bumpers’ discount, know why the government took that step?

E-commerce companies

E-commerce companies, bothered by shutting down the ‘bumpers’ discount, know why the government took that step?

Large e-commerce companies can knock the government towards changes in e-commerce policies. These companies may demand to extend the deadline for implementing new FDI rules by February 1. Companies believe that the changes in the e-commerce sector policies have to be made for at least 4 to 5 months to implement them. A large e-commerce company official said that at any given time, companies will be able to apply it for 4 to 5 months.

What are the new rules?

Many companies will be harm if the new rules of foreign-invested online marketplace are harm. The new rule prevents an e-commerce company from selling the goods to its platform, which is produce by itself or any of its affiliates. Not only this, it is also being ensured that any vendor can sell as many as itemsĀ  possible on a portal. The new policy also prohibits any supplier on special e-commerce platform for giving special facility to the supplier.

Cashback, impact on exclusive sales

Under the new policy, special services like Cashback, Exclusive Sale, Brand Launching, Amazon Prime or Flipkart Plus can be stop. The government wants to make these online shopping platforms completely neutral.

Companies can go to government

An official attach to the e-commerce company said that on December 26 the new rules were announce and the companies were given only one month’s time to implement these changes. In many cases contracts with existing partners will be require.

Flipkart and Amazon hit most

The biggest hurdle to tight the e-commerce rules of government can be found on Flipkart and Amazon. Under the new rules, e-commerce companies with foreign investment can not sell the products of those companies in which they themselves are the stakeholders. Apart from this, special offers and huge discounts have been banned.

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