Why dusty storm turned deadly in up Rajasthan?


The storm is going to come again today! Know why and where will come

What is the reason for a strong wind storm? How cool air turned into a rapid speed of 150 kmph and the wall, house and billboards were dropped and more than 100 shootings were shot. This storm has caused the worst catastrophe in UP and Rajasthan. On Friday, the Meteorological Department has alerted the people after issuing warnings. He says that hurricanes can wreak havoc in Jammu-Kashmir, Haryana, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Chandigarh and western Uttar Pradesh. There will be heavy rain along with the storm. There is also a possibility of hail fall in many places. Meteorologists have tried to find out the reason for a strong wind storm. Let's know the reason for this change in the weather:

Winds up at 100 km / hour

If the meteorologists believe that the reason behind the formation of a storm of cold winds is 'Downburst', that means the downward air movement transforms it into a hurricane. During this, air runs at speeds of 100 kmph or more. When downward wind hits the ground, it pushes the outside. Farmers have often been seen fighting it. This movement of air lasts for 200 miles. However, only a few minutes pass away. The downbursts that are smaller than two and a half miles are called 'microbarists'. It includes soil in the air and causes great destruction. This is seen in hot states, where the temperature is above 40 degrees. Visibility is zero during this period. Eyes stops showing. When this wind strikes a wall or a building, its fall can lead to catastrophic and frightening.

Why not change climate change?

According to the news published in National Geographic, scientists say that due to climate change this change is due to climate change. The melting of the glacier, the scorching earth, the boom of the sea, the cutting of the forests and the bursting of the clouds are the basic signs of climate change i.e. these calamities are coming due to the mess with the environment. The number of cyclones or storms in the world is constantly increasing. America and coastal countries often suffer from storms in the year.

The difference between storm and tornado

In the summer season, tornadoes of small dust are visible which create spherical columns. This creates a devastation in less area while the storm creates a disaster in large areas. Whirlwind is formed when the air rises as soon as it gets warmed, the surrounding cold air fills the empty space and it also becomes hot and becomes a big tornado. During this time the air runs at 100 kmph.

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