Due To Global Warming, Sea Ice-Research Will Increase In 80 Years

global warming

Threat of Global Warming

These days, the whole world is worried about the threat of global warming. Seminars at international level done to address how global warming dealt with. In the meantime, there has been a report which has deepened the curtains of anxiety on everyone's foreheads. According to a study published in the National Academy of Sciences magazine, the water levels of the sea have increased tremendously, with the number of said in the last few years. In addition, it said in the report that in the next 80 years, the water level of the sea doubled rapidly.

Sea level rising unexpectedly

Researchers conducting this study through the Satellite say that due to climate change the water level of the ocean is growing unexpectedly in the last few years which is not favorable for the environment. After analyzing the figures for the past 25 years, researchers say that due to rising sea level, the cutting of trees and forests along the banks of the sea is also increasing rapidly, thereby increasing the risk of floods in the lower areas.

Sea level rising at an unusual speed

Researchers say that the water level of the sea is rising at an unusual speed over the last few years. In the University of Colorado, Professor Steve Nerem of Aerospace Engineering Sciences says that the water level of the sea was rising at a speed of 2.5 millimeters per hour in 1990, but at present the rate has increased to 3.4 millimeter per hour. They say that by the year 2100, the water level of the sea can increase to 26 inches.

Why is the sea level rising?

Researchers say that the water level of sea increases mainly due to two reasons: the melting of the first glacier and the rise of thermal expansion of the second water. Researchers say that glaciers are mainly melting in Greenland and Antarctica, which is causing sea level rise.

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