Drone will be legal in india from 1st december know everything about it


New rules regarding drones will be from December 1

The aviation ministry has issued a new guideline on Monday to use the drone. Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu and State Minister Jayant Sinha said that these new guidelines will be effective from December 1. After this the drones used for commercial use. The drone is divided into 5 categories and the registration of the drone to be issued, after which a unique identification number (UIN) also  issued. Although the first two categories were exempt from registration

 Rules for obtaining licenses

The government has also set some rules for the licenses for the drone. To get the license, it should be more than 18 years old and the applicant must be 10th pass. With this, English has also been made necessary.

These 5 categories are divided into:

Nano less than 250 grams

Micro 250 gms to 2 kg

Small 2 kg to 25 kg

Medium 25 kg to 150 kg

Greater than 150 kg


 Learn all in 10 questions and answers

Question 1. What will be no drone zone?

Answer: All airport, international border, coastal border, secretariat located in the capital of all states, military installations and strategic location.

Question 2. Who will allow for the drone?

Answer: In addition to the import clearance from the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the UIN and UAP released from the same, also renewal also done. The sanction of drones in the restricted area will be allowed by the Ministry of Defense. Clearance will be obtained from the Home Ministry.

Question 3. What will be the ability to blow the drone?

Answer: Minimum age 18 years The 10th examination conducted by English Medium, trained by the DGCA from the approved organization.

Question 4. Where do the complaints related to the drone?

Answer: People will be able to complain about the Government’s public Grievance Portal. The report of the accident must given to the director, air safety immediately including the details of his drone through the digital Sky platform.

Question 5. What if the rule breaks?

Answer: Under section 287, 336, 337, 338 of IPC, you will get penalties and penalties. DGCA can suspend and cancel UIN and UAP.

Question 6. Can the airspace fly near the international border?

Answer: The drone used only at least 25 kilometers away from the international border.

Question 7. How old drones bought and sold?

Answer: UIN not transferred to any person. The seller has to apply to cancel his UIN and the buyer has to apply for the new UIN.

Question 8. What is the permission to use for wedding photography also?

Answer: 24 hours before the local police station informed about the use. But the drones above 60 meters will not be able to fly The drone flying will be in the day only. DGCA will have to get permission for use in the night.

Question 9. Will the delivery of pizza or any goods done through a drone?

Answer: At the moment it not allowed.

Question 10. it used in agriculture?

Answer: In addition to spraying pesticide, drone used in fields.

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