Donald Trump Asks imf dont approve any loan request of pakistan

Donald Trump

Imran Khan’s big blow, America stopped the way IMF gets loan

Even after the change of power in Pakistan, America’s movements have not softened. The Donald Trump Administration has urged the International Monetary Fund (IMF) not to give any kind of loan to the new government of Pakistan. He cautioned China’s lenders of sanctions against any possible relief package for payment. China’s banks are giving funding for China-Pakistan economic corridor. US Secretary of State Mike Pompei said that there should be no mistake. The IMF will look at what we will do. There have been reports in the media that Pakistan wants a huge package of $ 12 billion from the IMF. Pompio asked about this.

IMF said – Pakistan did not ask for money

The IMF has clarified that it has not received such a request from Pakistan so far.Pakistan needs $ 3 billion in the next few months to avoid IMF, World Bank and Chinese loan default. Most of these funds have been used for financing infrastructure projects under the CPEP of $ 50 billion. The US Foreign Minister said that we are waiting to work with the new government of Pakistan.

In the beginning of 2018, the military help stopped

Earlier this year, the US had given a blow to Pakistan. The United States has stopped Pakistan’s security assistance until it takes action against terrorist organizations, as well as the US has put Pakistan in the list of special surveillance on violation of religious freedom. The US had announced to stop all military aid to Pakistan. The US State Department says it done because of its failure to end terrorism from its land in Pakistan. The statement issued by the US State Department said that military help will remain suspended until Pakistan takes action against Haqqani Network and Afghan Taliban.

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