‘Dangal Girl’ Zaira Wasim reveals I am in depression for 4 years

Zaira Wasim

Zaira Wasim opens up about her struggle with depression

Actor Zaira Wasim, who played the role of tremendous new wrestler in the movie "Dangal", has revealed the fact that she has been a patient of her depression over the last few years. Zaira has said in her statement, "After all, I have been declaring that I have long been a victim of 'depression and enchantment'. Zaira disclosed that she suffering from this disease for 4 years and due to this, she to hospitalized several times. She is eating 5 tablets each day due to depression. After playing the character of small Geeta Fogat in 'Dangal' with Aamir Khan, Zaira has also appeared in Aamir's film 'Secret Superstar'. Zaira Wasim has also been honored with the National Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film 'Dangal'.

Friday, Al-Subar shares his statement on his verified instagram account. Zaira Wasim wrote, 'Many people said that you are so small, you can not have depression. It's just a round that will pass. Maybe it was just a round, but this painful period has brought me into a bad state. I eat 5 medicines every day, I come to the nuptial attack, suddenly have to take me to the hospital at midnight. I feel empty, lonely, afraid .. due to not sleeping too much sleep or for several weeks My body suffers, ranging from eating too much to hungry, thinking about suicide ... everything is part of this 'round'.

Zaira further wrote, 'I could feel that this is depression.' I remember that the first panic attack came at the age of 12 and the second when I was 14 years old. I do not even remember how often it happened this time, but it always said that 'it is nothing, you can not depression at such a young age.' Zaira wrote that I made aware that I can not have depression because it is only for people over 25 years old ...

Zaira wrote

'Depression and enchantment is not a feeling, it is a disease. Nobody chooses it, it can happen to anyone at any time. I have had depression almost four and a half years. Today, I am fully prepared to understand my illness and tell in front of the world, without ashamed, afraid and without any opinion made by the people. '

Zaira also wrote at the end of her statement, "I just want to distance myself from everything, from my social life, from my work, to school and to the most social media. I am waiting for the holy month of Ramadan, because it is the best time to understand things. Please remember me in your prayers. '

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