Khesari Lal looks dapper in Dabang Sarkar; teaser, first look poster .

Dabang Sarkar

'Dabang Sarkar', Khesarilal wreaking havoc with new avatar

The first look of Bhojpuri superstar Kaisarilal Yadav's highest rated film 'Dabang Sarkar' released. Looking at the film's first look, it seems that this Khesarilal is something unique. In a completely new avatar, Khesarilal is keeping a mustache like Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan this time. This is not the same Yashi Films has seen doing this action in the first look of this 46 seconds released on YouTube. The shooting of the most expensive movie 'Dabang Sarkar' of Bhojpuri 65 cast completed on various beautiful locations of Lucknow and now this post is in production phase. Yogesh Raj Mishra, director of the film recently said, "This film is going to change a lot in the Bhojpuri industry. The film is very good, which will enthrall the people." Dabang Sarkar "among the people positive for Bhojpuri The idea is to bring thought.

At the same time, film producer Deepak Kumar had said, "Khesarilal Yadav is quite down to Earth and even today he remembers his past, which makes him normal even after stardom. Even today, he talks about the old days in Furtsh They also laugh at people with their unmistakable and spotful reply, they are quite a jolly junk person. " Deepak said of the film, "We all worked very hard for this film. After a lot of discussion on every aspect of the film, we have shot the final, which is now in the phase of post production, where the film's For Khesarilal, he has lost his weight, while actress Aankhan Awasthi has increased her weight by 10 kg. There are eight songs in the film, two of them Kajal Raghavani also seen.

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