Cool and Funny Facts About Wildlife


An Animal's Eyes Have The Power To Speak a Great Language

  • The chicken found in China is so small that you can lift it on the palm
  • Gorilla also has colds and other diseases like human being
  • Ostrich can run faster than the horse and roar like a lion
  • A wild lion kills only 20 animals a year
  • If turtle, sea snake, crocodile and dolphins go deeper in the ocean then they can also drown
  • Nearly half of the world's pigs are keeping sail from China
  • The sight of the dog is faster than the human
  • Snake is carnivorous because he ate small mosquitoes and insects
  • Chicken is an animal that eats food before people are born
  • The cow standing can also stand, but the cow can sit and dream only
  • Gharial can live for over 100 years
  • Animals sacrifice urine 30 times more than human
  • Ant never sleeps and there are no ant lungs
  • Arsenic mixed with apples and pears seeds can be eaten by dogs.
  • If a duck child sees you in 10 minutes of taking birth, then he will start to understand you as his mother!

Animals Behaviour

  • Scorpion can stop breathing for 6 days!
  • Crocodile can live for more than 100 years!
  • It is believed that Dolphins calls each other by name!
  • Bat is the only lone animal in this world that can fly!
  • Snakes never blink their eyes!
  • The African elephant has the highest pregnancy period, it remains pregnant for almost 2 years!
  • The heart of whale fish throws only 8 times in a minute!
  • Of all the animals, the blue whale produces the most powerful sound. Their voice can be heard from 800 kms!
  • Jellyfish starts to become breathless (means steam), because more than 98% of the jellyfish is made of water!
  • 75% of wild animals live life less than 6 months!
  • Both dogs and cats sweat from their legs. Not from their body!
  • Squirrels can not see red color!
  • Penguins can speed you at 24 kilometers per hour!
  • The cow can dream only when she sleeps!
  • Instead of any other animal in India, the most buffalo is. About 10 million
  • Human beings have 32 but bears have 42 teeth.
  • The elephant's penis weight can be up to 60 kms.
  • 2500 cows of dairy produce the same amount of West as the city of 4,11,000 people.
  • Male monster horse can be pregnant and give birth to the child too.
  • The tongue of the giraffe is so long that it can clean the ears too.
  • The rat can stay longer than the camel without water.
  • Bats feet are so thin that they can not move.
  • Cows come to dream only when it lie down and sleep.
  • Sandal oil is extracted from inside the organism called santa. It's like a lizard.

Animals Fact

  • A butterfly has 12,000 eyes.
  • Elephants can use their penis as a leg when needed.
  • Bull color is blind. They do not even see the red cloth displayed during the game.
  • Frogs can not swallow anything without blinking.
  • There is no such event in today's history that a healthy wolf has invaded human beings.
  • The milk of the camel milk is not accepted.
  • Goat eyes can see up to 360 degree angles.
  • A hungry rat can eat its own tail too.
  • Alligator can live more than 100 years.
  • Jellyfish starts to extinguish in the sun because it contains 98% water.
  • The bird named Woodpeckers, which we also call woodpecker, can peel 20 times in a second.
  • DNA of the person gets 70% and chimpanzee 98.4%.
  • The bird named Flamingo can only eat if its head is inverted.
  • A male gorilla can eat 18 kg of food a day.
  • Pigs, videos can also play games.
  • The new panda born is less than the weight of a tea cup, but when grown, it weighs 70 to 100 kilograms.
  • The Gorillas catch many diseases, including human cold.
  • Humming bird is the only bird that can fly upside down
  • The bird named Flamingo can only eat if its head is inverted.
  • Pigs, videos can also play games.
  • The new panda born is less than the weight of a tea cup, but when grown, it weighs 70 to 100 kilograms

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