Congress Misinformed On Rafale Deal, Anil Ambani Writes To Rahul Gandhi

Congress Misinformed On Rafale DealCongress has been misled on Rafale deal, says Anil Ambani in a letter to Rahul Gandhi

.Reliance Group chairman Anil Ambani has written a letter to Congress Misinformed On Rafale Deal fighter planes with France that some vested interests and corporate opponents who have malicious intentions towards him, Wrong, misleading and misleading information is giving. “Ambani wrote a letter to Gandhi for the first time on this issue in December. . Anil Ambani clarified in his latest letter that his group has a role in Rafael Deal.

Their group did not manufacture

According to a statement issued today by the group, Ambani has said in the latest letter that India, which is buying 36 Rafale jet aircraft from France, will not be manufacturing one part of the price of one rupee by their group. Let me tell you, Rahul Gandhi is constantly besieging the government on this issue. Gandhi says that the existing government paying more than the fixed price for the Rapid Planes in the United Progressive Alliance government. He has said that the government has only made changes to this deal “to benefit an industrialist”.


Only Reliance’s role

The company asked Ambani’s letter to say that the fact that Reliance is being talked about benefiting thousands of crores of rupees with this deal is nothing but a mere propaganda by some vested interests. He has written, “Simply put, there is no contract with the Government of India.” The letter states that Dassault, a French company supplying fighter jets, has an offset compulsion under the contract agreement with the Reliance Group. Have to fulfill.

Congress Misinformed On Rafale Deal

Under Defense Offset, the foreign supplier has to make a certain percentage of the product in the country to buy manufacturing. Many times this work done through technology transfer. According to the statement, Anil Ambani has expressed ‘deep depression’ on Gandhi’s objection to continuous persecution and described these objections as baseless. Explaining the role of Reliance in Offset Export / Work Share with Dassault Company, he said that on behalf of the vulnerable selfish people and corporate rivals of malicious “Congress has given wrong, misleading and misleading information about this.


Reliance Dallas will not manufacture planes

Anil Ambani has said that the Reliance Dallas joint venture is not going to manufacture any Rafael jets. 36 of all 36 aircraft made in centimeter in France and they exported to India from there. He said that Reliance Group has not got any contract in respect of these aircraft from India’s Ministry of Defense.

Import limited role

Ambani said that his company’s role limited to offset / export obligation only. In this, from the government organizations like Bharat Electronics Limited and Defense Research and Development Organization,100 small companies involved. This expand India’s manufacturing capacity. They pointed out that the offset policy implemented by the UPA government led by the Congress in 2005.

Ambani clarified that months before his group expressed willingness to purchase Rafael aircraft, it announced months before December 2014 to January 2015 in the field of defense manufacturing.

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