Things You Should Know About Monkeys


Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage

  • Monkey day  celebrated on December 14 every year.
  • In Japan, monkeys  treated like a waiter in a restaurant.
  • All monkeys have their own fingerprint.
  • In 1949 a monkey  flown at an altitude of 133 km. Her name was Albert II.
  • Monkeys can only survive in trees, grasslands, mountains and forests.
  • 98 percent DNA of monkeys and humans are found in each other.
  • The smallest monkey on earth is 4.6 inches.
  • Monkeys are eaten in South Asia.
  • In Malaysia and Thailand, training of Badr is given to coconut trees to break coconut trees.
  • Monkeys use sounds and gestures to talk to each other.
  • When monkeys are given glasses, they first observe their genitals.
  • A snake named the Howler named Monkey can be heard from 5 kilometers away.

Monkeys Troop :

  • TB disease is common in the monkeys.
  • Chimpanzees are the smartest animals in the world.
  • Monkey and Ape are the only difference in asking.
  • More than 250 species of monkeys found in the world of monkeys.
  • Monkey taught to count.
  • Monkeys always eat banana peeled.
  • Monkeys eat fruit-vegetables and flowers leaves.
  • In English the group of monkeys called trupo.
  • Monkeys prefer to live on most trees.
  • The monkey has about 32 teeth.
  • The monkeys do the work of removing each other as a human.
  • Bandar uses vowels, facial expressions and physical activities to interact with each other.
  • When the monkey draws his lips, it tells his aggression.
  • Usually monkeys show their affection and peace with others while grooming each other.

Monkey Species :

  • The group of monkeys called "troop"
  • Monkeys are intelligent animals. Their IQ is 174
  • The Hawler monkeys are the most loud-spoken monkeys. Their voice in the forest heard from two miles away and about three miles away in the open area.
  • Monkeys trained and employed for harvesting large coconut plants in Malaysia and Thailand.
  • Scientists have found that monkeys are susceptible to optical illusion, such as humans.
  • Yoda played by a monkey, almost from the Star Wars movie.
  • Raw and baked brains of dead monkeys widely used in China and Malaysia.
  • The annual Monkey Buffet Festival, in Thailand, thanks to attracting tourists in the city and gives food and drink to the local monkey population.

Monkey like Human :

  • The smallest monkey in the world is Piji Marmozet, in which the body is 5 inches (12 centimeters) and the tail length of about 7 inches (17 centimeters) is about the size of a hamster, which fits in the palm of the human hand Can.
  • In 2005, a psychiatrist and an economist taught the concept of money to a group of monkeys.
  • The recently discovered monkey is Lucia Monkey. Its year 2007 discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.
  • Bonobo monkey, the closest relative of humans, is naturally bisexual.
  • The app, gibbons, lemurs and chimpanzees are not classified as scientifically monkeys. They are all primates, but, like humans, they have a different classification of monkeys.
  • It is the fastest primates Patas Monkey on Earth, it can reach the speed of 34 miles per hour (55 km / h).
  • The first primate in space was the Rhesus Macac, named Albert. On June 14, 1949, Albert sent into space to investigate the effects of space travel on the body. He died in flight.

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