Ready for Cheap Smartphone, Time to get Bumper Discounts


Ready for Cheap Smartphone, these 3 Big Reasons will get Bumper Discounts

You can get a chance to buy cheap smart phones in the month of January. Amazon and Flipkart had the confidence that the festive season would be a lot of sales, so the stock was heavily recovered. But, due to lack of sales, there is a lot of stock lying down. E-commerce companies fear that the new FDI policy will be implemented. In such a situation, they are trying to get rid of the stock before offering new policy.

There are three major reasons for selling cheap Smartphone in the month of January. Firstly, the new FDI policy for e-commerce is going to come into effect from February 1. Therefore, these companies have to vacate their stock till January 31. After the new policy is implemented, online exclusive handset brands such as Asus, Lenovo, Honor will need to evacuate the stock of their smartphones. There is a good grip on the market of Honor, Asus, Reali and Lenovo, due to which their stock is also bigger.

According to sources, Amazon and Flipkart have been lying in stock of Diwali so far. Due to being online exclusive, the stock is gradually empty. That is why Reality and Huawei are also increasing towards offline market. According to the new rules, exemption deals of e-commerce companies have been banned.

The second most important reason is that the government has clearly stated that a vendor can sell a maximum of 25 per cent inventory on an e-commerce company. Due to this rule, the brands will have to enter into different e-commerce companies. Also, the offline route will also have to be adopted.

Extending the Offline Channel is Important

Experts associated with the market believe that after the new policy these companies have only two options. First, discard the stock by offering a discount offer and expand the second offline channel. Also, these brands can contract with as many e-commerce companies as possible. Reality and Honor say that in the coming days, it will expand the offline channel, as well as further strengthen the online presence.

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