CES 2019: Now the smart mirror will tell you which hair style and color will Suit You.

CES 2019

CES 2019: Now the smart mirror will tell you which hair style and color will Suit You.

Many times, we keep a lot of confusion about our hairstyles and clothes. Even thinking about the make-up that if we have dressed this dress, then what kind of make-up will look good on it. In such a case, the company named CareOS has launched a mirror to solve all your problems. Which will tell you which hair style and colour will suit you. Not only will it detect your face and it will tell you what type of make-up you like and how you make up with a dress.

Let’s say CareOS launches this Smart Mirror Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, CES 2019, with the help of which you can see yourself in a new look without any makeover. Not only this, with the help of this smart mirror you can do a new hairstyle and even non-colorful virtual colour. Let’s say that due to the merits of CES 2019 this mirror became a talking point between everyone.

According to the company, this mirror comes with the gesture interface. Due to which when you are standing in front of this mirror. It scans your guests and the person standing in front of different types of hairstyles, colours and makeup Tells. At the same time, you can make your own video with the help of this mirror. Please tell us the company has supported Google Assistant in this mirror. This makes the mirror even more special.

Say this mirror also captures your movement, which lets you shake your head or body to try new hairstyles. The Consumer Electronics Show in 2019, organized in Las Vegas, is going to last till January 12, under which many companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus and Sony are going to present their products and new Gadgets.

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