Whatsapp Bug In video chat hackers hijack Your accounts

Bug Whatsapp Application

If you also do video chat with Whatsapp, then this news is for you

Once again, the dangers of getting hacksapp account hacked. Bug whatsapp application This is happening when the user is receiving an incoming video call. The technical website ZDnet has disclosed this.

According to the reports, a bug appeared in the Whatsapp app. Which is giving hackers access to users’ accounts. So if you also make video calls with Whatsapp, be careful. Because the risk of account hacking is the highest.


Bug whatsapp application

This bug is affecting users in Android and Apple both Whatsapp applications. This bug was first seen in August. After that, the Facebook company of WhatsAppAppe also corrected this. Although there is no comment from Facebook on this.

It is known that in the last few days, Facebook has faced considerable criticism about security flaws. Recently, the company came to the discussion once the news of 5 crore accounts being hacked came to an end.

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