BJP Launches New Counter Strategy To Woo Dalits

Woo Dalits

BJP launches new strategy to woo Dalits in UP

India, on the eve of the dalit call on April 2, can get big damages to the BJP. Between the dalits can spoil the image of the BJP. Dalit vote can get lost in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. To woo the dalits, till now, the party can refocus on the tax-paid. In view of this, the BJP has formed a strategy. This strategy is specially designed for Uttar Pradesh.

This is the strategy for Dalit Mohalla

Believe in the sources, the BJP will send its 63 reserved MPs to Dalit Mohallas under the strategy. These MPs will go to Dalit Mohalla from April 14. These MPs will go to Mohalla and tell them that the Central Government and the BJP are not responsible for the change in the SC / ST Act. This is a rumor spreading. MPs will also tell that in the future government is not going to get any issues related to reservation. The news that ended the reservation is also a rumor.

Campaign in these states after UP

In the first phase, BJP’s full focus is on UP. But after working on this strategy in UP, 63 MPs in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan will also go to Dalit villages and mohallas. These are the states where the highest impact of India bandh was seen.

What is the say of the UP BJP chief

UP BJP’s chief minister Ashok Kataria says that ‘Social Samarathy program  organized in UP from April 14. On this day, programs organized at booth level throughout the state. These programs will be associated with Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti. This program will also include all our MLAs, MPs, office bearers. Besides, 63 MPs  given separate responsibilities. These MPs will go to Dalit settlements and villages even after April 14th. ‘

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