Bihar: 50-50 seat sharing formula for 2019 lok sabha polls


Bihar: BJP will give its winning seats to the allies, something like this will be formula!

There has been an agreement on sharing of seats between NDA constituent parties in Bihar for the Lok Sabha election 2019. Both the JDU and the BJP will contest the elections on par – equal seats. BJP president Amit Shah said, “In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP and JDU will contest the elections in equal number of seats and the remaining partners will be given a respectable place. The number of seats announced in the next two to three days.” Responding to a question about the number of seats in the distribution of seats, Shah said that once the theoretical things have been decided, about which seats will be contested, Bihar’s party unit and Nitish Kumar will discuss things by discussing .

Presently, NDA is occupying 33 seats in Bihar’s 40 Lok Sabha seats. Of these, 22 seats found to BJP, six LJPs, three RLCOs. Later, it got two seats of JDU. JDU had contested all the 40 seats in the last Lok Sabha election, but it won only two seats. Seeing this, JDU seems to be of great benefit. At the same time BJP will give its winning 4-5 seats to the allies. The BJP strategy is indicating its changing times. The party is in a great effort to keep the allies engaged with them without neglecting the ground reality.

Something like this would be formula

BJP President Amit Shah said that how many seats got for NDA allies in Bihar, the situation cleared within four to five days. On the other hand, according to sources, BJP and JDU will contest 16 or 17 seats, LJP five and RLSP two seats. LJP leader Chirag Paswan said about seat sharing between BJP and JDU, “BJP has already talked of giving honorable seats, we are waiting.” RLSP may be slightly displeased on seat sharing.

RLSP chief Upendra Kushwaha had met yesterday the RJD leader, Chakshi Yadav, whose political meaningsĀ  extracted. At the same time, RLSP spokesman Jitendra Nath said, “The meeting with our leader Upendra Kushwaha’s stunning Yadav is just a coincidence … It was not a pre-decided, we are part of the NDA, BJP has given us a talk about the number of seats But not 2-3 seats are not respectable. We hope that BJP will talk to us. ”

On the other hand, a RJD leader reacting to the meeting of Tasvya Yadav and Upendra Kushwaha said, “RLSP is in constant touch with top party leaders of our party. If RLSP joins the alliance, then it can be given 4-5 seats. But not 6-7. “

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