Bhavish Agarwal: A Hard Thing is Done by Figuring Out How to Start


“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity”

IIT Passout Bhavish from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, used to work in Microsoft Company. But what was the major reason for which he said goodbye to the Microsoft company and made a multi-billion company of its own.

A brief introduction about Bhavish Agarwal :

Bhavish Agarwal was born on August 25, 1985 in Ludhiana city of Punjab, Shri Naresh Kumar Aggarwal is his father and Mrs. Usha Agarwal is his mother ... Bhavish He obtained B.Tech Engineering degree in computer science from Indian Institute of Technology and started working as a researcher in Microsoft company. During the research, he also got two patents for it. But they were not happy with their secured job of this 9 to 5 because they had become passionate about working for themselves. They wanted to become an entrepreneur but a safe job prevented them. At the same time, he was looking at the option of a minor problem in a society that should do something about the problems of society in future.

Ola Beginning :

Ola (Ola) started with a journey made by his own. whose experience was very bad. Once upon a time he had booked a car for traveling from Bangalore to Bandipur, whose service was very bad. When he got on a journey from Bangalore to Bandipur, the driver started demanding money from him in half way, and the driver's behavior, the way to talk about it, was also not correct. Worried by his bad behavior, Had to get off and the rest had to be done by bus.

Technical Background Help :

Due to its technology background, Bhavish thought about connecting cab services and technology together. So that customers get full quality assurance through online car rental bookings, reviews and ratings and get complete information about the car and the driver. In August 2010, Bhavish left his job to start Ola Cabs and started working in this direction. Interestingly, his friend, Ankit Bhati, who has thought of Bhavish, became his partner in November 2010. Ankit also received M.Tech and CAD (Automation) degree from IIT. Bhavish explains, when I started, my parents were thinking that I am going to be a travel agent. It was difficult to understand them, but when Ola Cabs got first funding, they had some confidence in my startup.

Bhavish Family reaction to Ola :

Startup starts from a small company of any large company. It natural to start joking with friends when it natural to start a company, but when you do not even understand your work, it feels tired But when the work begins to grow and money starts coming, everyone's mind gets cleared. In the beginning, mother-father felt that after reading and leaving the job, he thinking of becoming a travel agent, but it difficult to understand him at that time, because after all, everyone feel like you are crazy like everyone else. And there is no mistake in this, but as the money started coming, they began to believe in the startup of the future, and they began to understand that the boy definitely do something bigger.

Bhavish Aggarwal and his wife Rajalakshmi Aggarwal have taken a decision that they will never buy their own cars and they will always use the OLA service. A person is successful by thinking of a different thinking.

Customer reliability for Ola :

Every customer needs good service today, if they spend less money but still they want better services than their less money. Because they have their old bad experiences and other cabs Under the circumstances of the service, it was understandable that the customer satisfaction was so important that he trained all the drivers for the service of the customer service and they Keep the drivers, whose record is clear. More than 70 cities earn more than 100 crores.

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