Best Navratri Food 2018 Special Food Check Now

Best Navratri Food 2018

Navratri Food: Simple methods of making 5 kinds of dishes.

Best Navratri Food 2018 .Navaratri is a festival and not fast, it can not be so. Normally all devotees like to fast in Navratri to please Durga, but fruit is also very important in fasting. At the name of the fruit, we eat it many times, which is quite heavy. Here we will bring you 5 types of dishes, which will help you in keeping your energy level along with being healthy. Let’s learn 5 simple recipes

Best Navratri Food 2018 Yogurt Big Paneer-Chestnut Ingredients:

Paneer 1/2 cup, roasted flour one cup, 1 cup boiled mash potato, 1 spoon ginger powder, roasted cashew nuts, 1 finely chopped green chilli, 2 cups whipped yogurt, rock salt, sugar, cumin powder, pomegranate And enough oil to fry.

Method :

First, grate the paneer and add potatoes, cashew nuts, raisins, green chilies, ginger and rock salt. Make small balls of it.

Now make a batter of roasted flour. Dip the elders in this solution and take golden spot in hot oil. Mix sugar in curd. Now serve Bhalah in a plate and decorate it with curd, cumin powder and pomegranate.

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