Avoid Hackers Protect Your Smartphone from These Easy Ways Your Information


Protect Your Smartphone from Hacked

What we do not do for privacy in our smartphone We try to keep our information safe in all ways, from password to backup. But have you ever thought that your phone is threatening the external attack, but not the phone in the phone? Yes, your smartphone can have apps that are stealing your information and you do not even know. We will tell you how to access your information and how many features of these apps can be turned off.

How your information stolen?

Under Easy Language, you download an app on your smartphone. When you open the app, you are asked for some information and permissions. The information may include names, addresses, email ids, contact numbers. On the other hand, if you talk about permissions, then they ask you for access to the location, contact book, gallery, camera, microphone etc. These apps start accessing your information as soon as you give permission. The danger here is that hackers can steal your information through these third party apps. Not only this hackers can misuse these information too.

Surprising Report

A report was submitted by a German university in May, 2017. It was reported in the report that 234 apps were found on the Google Play Store, which were misusing user information. These apps used to listen to programs and advertisements running on their TV via user's microphone. It was reported in the report that the app used to monitor the habit of watching TV's TVs through microphones.


Always keep an eye on what any app is asking for you. As such, if you ask Messenger, calling or any audio app to access your microphone, then it understood. But if a gaming app or e-commerce app asks for permission of your microphone, you should be cautious. What a gaming or e-commerce app to do with your microphone.

Protect your information with the help of these methods

You can go to the settings of your smartphone to see if the app is accessing your information. You can also close features that you do not want to share. These are the ways to look at these ways.

Step 1

Go to your smartphone's settings. Here you will see an option of Apps, tap on it.

Step 2

On the Apps page you will see all the apps on your phone. You can find any apps related information here.

Step 3

For example, we chose Facebook Messenger here. Tap on the Permissions option on the page of the app.

Step 4

Here you will find out what the app is accessing from your phone. If you do not want to share any feature with the app, then disable that feature.

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