I don’t take film criticism by heart: Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher

I don’t take film criticism by heart: Anupam Kher

Actor Anupam Kher says that he does not care much about negative reviews of his new film ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ based on the life of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Anupam said before going on a foreign trip for three months, that no matter what you do, people will try to throw you down. Criticism has always been the source of heartbreak in the country. Film criticism has also become a major source of self-entertainment for Indians. I do not accept criticism or film criticism. Ultimately this is just the opinion of a man or a woman, and I have seen all the good and bad reviews in my career.

He is amazed by the Sharp criticized for him as uncomfortable about playing Manmohan Singh. He said that it seems that some critics’ political agenda is much larger than our expectations. Comments are inappropriate and irrelevant. I wanted to portray Dr. Manmohan Singh with that dignity and honor, of which he deserved. And I think I have succeeded in it. I have some experience and understanding as an actor in the least.

He will be in America for the next three months to shoot a new season for the ‘New Amsterdam’ series.

He said that I am playing a main character of an Indian doctor named Vijay Kapoor.

This is one of the most popular serials in the world. I am devoted entirely to this series for the next three months. What are the views of Anupam regarding the reviews of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’? He said that we have tried to tell the story of a hero who was not the leader of that rank, as much as he needed to be. This film is based on the book written by Dr. Singh’s political adviser, but it is not biopic. It depicts 10 important years of Indian politics. Do not think too much about the film, but do not underestimate the understanding of the country’s film audiences. The film earned 4.5 crore rupees on its first day of its release, and on Saturday the film earned 5.45 crore rupees.

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