Xiaomi launches anti-pollution mask for the first time in India

air pollution mask

Xiaomi launches anti-pollution mask for the first time in India

China’s company Xiaomi launches the Polishing Mask for the first time. In Delhi, Mumbai, decisions were taken in all the metros, due to air pollution, the company has used this in India. Exclusive cell has started on this company’s MI.COM. The starting price of the mask with around 30 percent discount is 249 rupees.

What is the special mask?

The company claims that this mask will provide relief from PM 2.5 ie small particles wrapped in dust and fog till 99 percent. This mask has a filter of four layers, that is, the air will pass through four layers. According to the company, it will be very soft and after wearing on face it will be quite comfortable. If not needed, it can be folded like a handkerchief.

Poisonous air of Delhi

At present, air pollution in Delhi is at hazardous level. Simply put, air is 4 to 5 times poisonous than usual. There are about 30 areas of Delhi where the air is poisonous at the alarming level.

China launches launch

Shaomi sells anti-fog and anti-pulse masks in China and has many categories. Air filter mask was launched in China in 2016. High fibre textile has been used in it and it is light.

While the primary layer designed to block out large particles, there is electrostatic micro-filtration layer to block out particles of 0.3 micrometres in diameter. There is also a support mesh to provide the 3D structure for mask. Lastly, you’ll have a water-permeable layer to reduce vapour on your face.

Xiaomi has provided a 3D Soft Fit Sponge technology that is to enable the mask to automatically adjust to your facial features. Furthermore, the company hasn’t used any metal nose bars that are available on a number of anti-pollution masks in the market. This helps to prevent possible marking to your face.


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