Amazing and Interesting Facts About true love

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts About Love

interesting facts related to love, love is such a feeling and feeling that changes the mood of anyone’s life. If someone loves this love, then everyone snatches away all happiness and happiness.

Facts about Love, love can happen to anyone, why not give you happiness or grief! In true love, people always feel like their lover or girlfriend all the time, or they want to see them all the time.

When in love, people just want to hear and listen to love.

if someone is in love then they seem to be happy without necessity. The whole world seems like a paradise for him and he will be smiling without any reason. Whatever the feeling of love, today I will tell you about the Psychological Facts related to Love which is Amazing.

Amazing Facts about Love

Friends, if you are in love, then once you read these love facts and give your opinion that which is more interesting to you. Let’s know, interesting information about love:

➥Amazing Facts true love facts 01 to 06:

  • The “fear in love” fear of this love called “Philophobia”.
  • “Heart Symbol” is used for the purpose of expressing love.
  • It is believed that Love Marriage took place in the early 18th century.
  • Whenever you are in Romantic Mood, your brain works less.
  • The IQ level of deceit in love is less than that of the general public.
  • An average person spends only one year of his whole life sticking to the girls.

➥ Love facts 07 to 12:

  • If someone does not have love in life then he becomes a victim of depression and socially loneliness (social isolation or loneliness).
  • Every day about 3 million people go to Love Dates with their partner in the world.
  • Psychologically, if you hide the feeling of your love, then the more you hide it, the more you grow in love.
  • Do you know that about 2% of the world’s couples use their first love in a shopping moll or any other supermarket?
  • You surprised to know that only 25% of successful people in the entire world successful and 75% are divorced.
  • Research has found that men who kiss their wife in the morning, live more than 5 years in comparison to others.

➥ Love facts 12 to 18:

  • You must surprised to know that according to a survey, people around the world usually fall in love with someone seven times before their marriage.
  • We all know that “Valentine Day 14th February”  celebrated, but the most “I Love You” spoken in the month of November.
  • The biggest event of the Jail Break in the world is only on Valentine’s Day, due to the inmates going out of jail to meet their girlfriend.
  • Maintaining a romantic relationship with your partner a mental illness called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Do you know that falling in love is like a biological process, just like getting hungry.

  • If you are in trouble then the likelihood of falling in love with the beautiful face you see (opposite sex) at that time is more.

➥ Love facts 18 to 24:

  • According to Human Behaviour and Psychology, if you have a Perfect Body but your face not beautiful then you not  considered too attractive.
  • About 90% of the people who show love in the world are the first to express their love, and 10% of women first advertise it, due to the fact that women are shy.
  • According to psychology, if we love what we love, then they react like a painkiller in response to the Nervous System.
  • According to Medical Science, if someone loves someone, then any pain from the view of his picture decreases to 44%.
  • If two lovers keep on looking at each other for a period of 3 minutes, their heart rate (heartbeat) becomes same.
  • Do you know that this ‘LOL’ meant Lots of love before coming out of ‘LOL’ Internet?

➥ Love facts 25 to 27:

  • In Sanskrit language, there are 96 words for love, followed by 80 words in ancient Persian, while English has only one ‘love’.
  • Hans, Penguins, Ducks and Fox also live with the same life companion as humans.
  • A farmer from Argentina has cultivated all life in the shape of a guitar shaped farm in memory of his late wife.
  • Infidelity in love does not always ruin you; its an example of founder Gary Kremen to get married after leaving his Girlfriend.

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