True and Amazing Facts About Trees


"Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven"

  • Trees never die due to old age, but die due to disease and cutting of trees.
  • Long trees can be up to a height of 100 meters.
  • About 23,000 species of trees are found worldwide.
  • Trees grown in cities, live in the village less than 13 years compared to trees grown in the village.
  • Trees absorb CO2 i.e. carbon dioxide gas, thus helping to protect us from global warming.
  • Putting trees around your house keeps the atmosphere pure.
  • Trees take 90% of their nutrition and 10% of nutrition from soil.
  • Many trees can talk to each other and they also warn each other of danger.
  • A healthy tree emits 100 gallons of water in a day in the environment, hence the trees are the most helpful in rain.
  • Many trees like neem also work in the panic in serious diseases.
  • A person needs around 18 trees to take full life oxygen.
  • Many live species live in trees. The trees produce the natural habitat of many animals, birds and insects.
  • Trees help in making the land fertile. We get good crop from fertile land.
  • Trees and plants are the source of many supply life-saving drugs.
  • They prevent soil erosion and save us from pollution. Thus, the trees maintain ecological balance.
  • Seeds, nuts and fruits are food sources for humans and animals.

Banyan is the national tree of India

  • Neem is a fast growing tree. Neem tree is bitter in nature, but its properties are sweet and neem trees are found throughout the world and this tree is mostly seen in India.
  • Banana tree is cultivated primarily. It is cultivated for the production of fruits and fibers.
  • About 5 trees are being planted every year, but the worst thing is that even 10 trees are being cut every year.
  • Trees are the oldest organisms on Earth, and they never die due to over age. Rather die due to diseases, worms and humans.
  • A complete uga sunbauer tree produces 10 million seeds in a year.
  • An average size tree can provide enough wood to make 170,100 encils.
  • A tree consumes 21.7 kg carbondi-oxide in 1 year and gives oxygen in the day to keep 4 men alive.
  • There are about 30 or 40 trees around the world. That is, the Milky Way stars more than the cells present in the human brain.

All our wisdom is stored in the trees

  • The largest tree in the world is in Russia 641 Arb. After that, 318 eggs in Canada, 301 in Brazil, 228 in the US and only 35 trees remaining in India.
  • Banana has a natural chemical, so people can feel happy.
  • There 20,000 species of trees found worldwide. And the good thing that most of the species found in India.
  • There 422 trees left for 1 person, but if talk of India, then there only 28 trees left for 1 Hindustani.
  • The leaves and branches of trees rising in one acre fall down, its load is a ton, which is enough for natural food.
  • The line of trees reduces dust-level to 75%, and reduces noise by up to 50%.
  • A tree produces so much cold as 1 A.C 10 works in 10 rooms for up to 20 hours. The area which surrounded by trees is 9 degrees colder than other areas.
  • Bobb trees found in Africa can collect 1000 to 120,000 liters of water in their flowers trunk.
  • A tree absorbs the winning carbon in one year, so much so that carbon creates a car after moving 41,600 kilometers.
  • Trees take 10% of the dose from the soil and 90% of the dose from the air. In one tree, 2,000 liters of water sucked in water in a year.

Trees are as close to immortality

  • A tree absorbs about 1000 kg of carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime.
  • The trees engaged in one acre absorb so much Co2 in 1 year as a car leaves 41,000 km.
  • 20% of the world's oxygen are born by the wild of the Amazon. These forests spread over 8 crore 15 lakh acres.
  • Trees take their dose from 10% of soil and 90% by air.
  • Like humans, the trees also have cancer. After cancer, the trees start giving less oxygen.
  • Gold particles also present in the leaves of the eucalyptus (which also called the white tree).
  • White tree makes the farm barren, it sucks the most water than any other tree. The British started to plant whitewash trees to clear the swamps.
  • The tree's roots can go very far. In South Africa, the roots of a fig tree found up to 400 feet below.
  • The oldest tree in the world is in the Dutch province of Sweden. This tree named Tijikko is 9,550 years old. Its length is about 13 feet.
  • Tulsi, peepal, neem and banyan produce more oxygen than others' trees.
  • Plants are very beneficial for health improvement. A patient who sees green trees from the hospital room, his condition improves quickly.
  • Nearly 2000 different types of plants used for making food by humans.
  • A tree sucks 2,000 liters of water from the earth in a year.

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