Interesting Facts about Cows


“Cow is the foundation of our economy”

  • In Hinduism, the cow is considered to be God. The body of the cow has 36 million Gods.
  • As the time of pregnancy in a person is 9 months, the pregnancy time of the cow is also 9 months.
  • The cow can only sound the same kind of voice from its mouth, which is called Rampana.
  • Normal cow lasts about 20 years.
  • The world’s first cow, who had traveled on the plane, was – “Elm Farm Ollie”, this cow gave milk to the plane.
  • A pet cow sleeps about 4 hours daily.
  • The cow drinks water equal to the water filled in a bathtub in one day.
  • The cow can easily climb on the stairs, but it can not turn upside down from the stairs, because its legs do not turn upside down.


Around 800 species of cow are found in the world.

    • The cow is also called the mother of man, because we are only growing after drinking cow’s milk.
    • In 1856, Gail Borden made a pasteurization machine for milk, which could separate the water from the milk.
    • Dairy industry has developed so much that now a cow provides milk equivalent to 10 cows.
    • When the cow gives birth to its first calf, its average age is 2 years.
    • A cow can cook for 8 hours by eating it.
    • The body temperature of the cow is about 101.5 ° F (101.5 degrees Fahrenheit).
    • The cow can stand in a place and look around 360 °.
    • The cow makes chewing 40,000 times, she does not eat grass from the tooth.


In one day the cow sits for about 14 times and wakes up.

      • The cow’s weight is usually 1,200 pounds.
      • The power of listening to the cow is good with humans.
      • The heart of the cow beats 60 to 70 times in a minute.
      • Cow’s milk is like nectar, so the mothers of newborn babies who are not fed milk can be fed cow’s milk.
      • In addition to cow’s milk, urine, dung, ghee, curd, buttermilk, butter are all nutritious from milk.
      • Cows are called mother equivalents. That is why there are so many kings of history who, in their tenure, had won the hearts of Hindus by imposing ban on cow slaughter.
      • Punjab Kesari Maharaja Ranjeet Singh made a law of death penalty in the state during his reign.
      • In India, 30 breeds of cow are found which are the main breed of milch cows in India, which are Red Sindi, Sahiwal, Gir, Devni, Tharparkar etc.

The cow does not have a difference of red and green color.

      • Cow urine (cow urine) is one of the five giants. In some modern research, its most potent medicinal properties are reported.
      • Protein of 7 amino acids is found in cow’s milk, which does not lead to bone diseases.
      • There are only teeth in the lower jaw of the cow.
      • Protein found in Indian cow’s milk is important in correcting cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mental illness.
      • In Indian cow cow, there is Sun Glandus, which transforms its milk into nutritious medicine. If the body is energized by consuming red cow’s milk, then the milk of the dark cow protects against stomach gas related diseases.
      • The cow makes chewing 40,000 times, she does not eat grass from the tooth. The cow has only one stomach but there is a four-way digestive compartment.
      • At least 300 million bacteria in one village dung of native cow.

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