Alok Verma on being removed as Chief: Tried to uphold CBI integrity

Alok Verma

Alok Verma on being removed as Chief: Tried to uphold CBI integrity

Alok Verma cleared for the first time after being remove from the rank of Director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He said, ‘I tried to maintain the credibility of CBI. I have been removing from the post based on false allegations. “He also said that the CBI should work without any interference. An attempt made to ruin the credibility of the CBI.

After removed from the rank of CBI Director by the High Level Selection Committee. Alok Verma has claime that his transfer has been done based on false bases. Unsubstantiated and fraudulent charges imposed by a person living in his protest.

The high-level selection committee headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi removed Verma. From the post on Thursday on charges of negligence in corruption and duty. Breaking silence in this matter, Verma said in a statement issued to the news agency PTI late Thursday night. That being the important agency to investigate high-profile cases of corruption, the independence of the CBI should protect.

He said, “It should work without external pressures. I have tried to maintain the integrity of the agency while trying to ruin it. It can be in the orders of the Central Government and the CVC on October 23, 2018, which were give without any jurisdiction and those were cancelled. ”

Verma said it was tragic for the order to be transfer by the committee based on “false, baseless and fraudulent allegations leveled by one of his opponents”.

According to the order issued by the government on Thursday, the 1979 batch IPS officer has been appointed as the Director of Fire Department. Civil Defence and Home Guards under the Home Ministry. The CBI Director is currently in charge of Additional Director M Nageshwar Rao.

In a high-level committee by Prime Minister Modi, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge and Justice A. K. They are okay. Justice Sikri appointed Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi as his representative. Verma said that the committee was task with deciding his future strategy as a CBI Director. He said, “I stand for the integrity of the institution and if asked again, then I will do this again to maintain the rule of law.”

After 77 days for forced leave, Verma returned to his duty on Wednesday.

The AGMUT cadre IPS officer Verma reached the CBI headquarters at around 10.30 am on Wednesday. The Supreme Court had cancelled the controversial government order on Verma’s leave on Tuesday.

Both Verma and Special Director Rakesh Asthana had sent for the forced leave on October 23, 2018, and had taken all their rights. According to officials, Rao welcomed Verma after reaching the CBI headquarters. Mr. N Nageshwar Rao (then Joint Director),IPS officer of the 1986 batch Odisha cadre, was give the responsibilities and responsibilities of the CBI Director on late October 23, 2018. He was later promote as Additional Director.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed the order to send Verma on forced leave. But he had stopped making any major policy decision until the completion of the CVC investigation into allegations of corruption against him.

In the absence of a clear definition of ‘big policy’ decision. There was a sort of uncertainty that to limit the rights of Verma would be limited. The apex court said that any further decision against Verma will take by the Empowered Committee which selects and recruits the CBI Director.

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