About Us

Marketing Bandar is a collection of news, stories, experiences and entertainment along with the platform where anyone can be a contributor for any of their respective sections and can share their experiences and make world aware of the facts and scenarios going on presently.

Marketing Bandar is a news product of Binastre Technologies a fastly growing software company in India. The company launched its news channel to provide a common space to the people around the globe where anyone can share their view and news happening in their surrounding. The company even focused on the promotions of the startups in india because most of the companies specially in the starting phase faces lots of problems in making their name in the market and reaching their right customer. So, we want to make every business feel secure with their branding and potential customer reach.

Marketing Bandar enables the facility for the people who wants to share their experiences with the people but they don’t have any resources to do so. Here we are providing them the resources to share their stories and news without giving a single penny to anyone. We want to make sure that our contributors feels free from costing for running their resources for sharing their stories and experiences.

Marketing Bandar will list their genuine contributors on the website and will be providing work apart from the contribution to Marketing Bandar in order to generate income for their personal requirements. The work will be given strictly to the contributors that are listed in the genuine category on our website and are serious towards their task acomplishment.

Today peoples are very busy in their lives and they did not get time to read the stories, news and experiences that other peoples have experienced and want to tell the world. Here, our platform allows you to have a regular updates on news, stories and entertainment no matter where you are. You only need to have a mobile or computer to access our news channel and be updated with latest trends and facts going around the globe.

Marketing Bandar is giving an open opportunity to every human to work as an freelancer and earn as much as you can with our GCL (Genuine Contributor Listing). We have not restricted anyone from selecting there respective working areas means you can choose your own working area in which you wants to work in.

Marketing Bandar is trying to increase your income and reducing your financial problems (if any) with the help of GCL (Genuine Contributor Listing) and making people belive that you don’t need to live away from your family for earning your livelihood income instead you can earn it while living with your family from your home no matters where you live, it can be a metro city, town or village. Marketing Bandar is giving you the opportunity to be your own boss and work when you feel like.