7th Pay Commission: Good news for government employees

Government employees

 Government employees will get good news next month, Modi government will announce soon

As of July 2018, the pace of government employees is increasing as they are passing. They are awaiting announcement of the increase in dearness allowance. The figures for June month’s index released approximately one month later. Its expected that in August with the increased DA with the salary of the company. Harishankar Tewari, former chairman of the AG Office Brotherhood, who calculates DA, said on the phone that “G-News” digitally said that this time, dearness allowance is also expected to increase by 2 percent. After the June index figures, it will come into account with the salary of August. After this, the state governments will also announce the increase in the DA.

Government is working on new index

Tiwari said that the government is modifying the index. Also the base year also change, depending on which DA calculated. This will benefit 1.1 crore employees and pensioners. The current CPI-IW base year is 2001. In 2006, when the 6th Pay Commission implemented then Base Year made. Before this it was 1982. In March, the government had extended two percent DA. It was increased from 5 to 7 percent.

Doctoral worker is getting more advantage

The government is changing the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This will determine the DA of the Industrial Worker. DA is the cost of living adjustment allowance that government employees receive. Its calculated as the percentage of basic salary of the employee. To reduce the impact of inflation, employees given dearness allowance.

Changes in the base year will be every year

Every 6 years will change in the base year. On the new index, new industrial centers also included, which increase the number of such centers from 78 to 88. In order to incorporate the impact of change in the lifestyle of the industrial workers in the last 15 years, many things added in the list including car and mobile. Changing the base year expected to affect the crores of rupees on the public exchequer.

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