7th pay commission 5 reasons which will be favourable for central govt employees

7th Pay Commission

7th Pay Commission: For these 5 reasons, Central employees can get good news soon!

Central employees received the gift of 7th Pay Commission in 2016. At that time minimum basic pay was made to 18000 rupees per month. This led to an increase of entry level employee’s Gross Salary by about 14 per cent. But the central staff were not happy about it. He has demanded from the government that minimum basic pay would be increased from Rs 18000 to Rs 26000. This would be possible only by increasing the fitment factor. At present, the fitment factor is 2.57 times. Employees’ expectations have increased after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley re-assumed the charge of the finance ministry. Because he assured in Parliament that he will not allow the demands of central employees to be unheard of. Let’s know those 5 reasons that can be helpful in increasing the happiness of central employees:

Lok Sabha elections in 2019 cause big politics

Lok Sabha elections will be held in 2019. This is a big political reason. According to an Employee Leader, the Government gives certain services to government employees before any election. He would never want that he had to face the wrath of government employees at the time of the election. The number of central employees and pensioners is close to 1.1 million. Recently, the central government has increased the DA in central employees by 2%. It is now 7 to 9 percent.

Assembly elections in 4 states

Four states will have assembly elections before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Their dates have not yet been announced, but it is expected that this will be till the end of 2018. Political pundits are watching 4 state assembly elections as semi-finals of Lok Sabha elections. There is a possibility of a tough fight between the Congress and the BJP. In the wake of the elections, the existing state governments have started giving their government employees the wages of the 7th Pay Commission. MP government has gifted the missing Central employees to the 7th Pay Commission.

8.2% strong growth rate

In the first quarter of 2018, the domestic economy grew at 8.2 percent, which is the highest of the last 15 quarters. The country’s bidder became stronger as the fastest growing economy by this growth rate. China’s growth rate was 6.7 percent. The GDP growth rate in the last quarter was 7.7 percent. There are indications that the economy is consistently strong on the economic front. This is happening two years after the ban on corruption in 2016.

Inflation is also big reason

Aam Aadmi is already unhealthy with the high oil prices. With the rupee weakening on it, the importers will have to pay a higher price on the import of crude. If this happens then the diesel price will have an impact. Diesel is the most used in transportation of essential commodities. The cost of soap, shampoo, paint industry will increase, which is likely to increase prices of these products.

But the constant weakening of rupees is also a challenge

The weakness of the rupee against the dollar is the challenge for the economy. How will the weakening of the rupee on the economic front? Its discussion is very strong. Media reports are being asked whether the Central Government can take a decision to increase the salary of central employees in these circumstances? If so, the government will take such a decision after taking into account the financial results. Because of increasing salaries, there will be a lot of burden on the public exchequer. That is why the government may consider proposal to raise salaries in phases. The biggest benefit of this will be small workers, in which the highest dissatisfaction with the 7th Pay Commission.

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